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About me

Hello, my name is Vitaliy

  • I have been being a web developer, Ads and SEO for 6 years. During this time I’ve got a great experience and a skills. So I’ve got an idea that for the business start or for “go online” it is not necessary to get a web page for “space money”. It’s not worth it usually.
  • The main things are: what are you, what can you offer and what you sell. The aim of my project is to make for you a fast and painless business start  for very attractive price.
Project client

A Little Facts

I want to highlight and share with you the main advantages that I can offer to you

Very Fast

A turnkey project usually takes 2-4 days from communicating with you to launching an advertisement. Isn't it fast?

Under The Control

I will make a "tool" (website, design, advertising accounts) and will show you how easy to use it. It's up to you!

The Price

The price is fixed! Without words “from” cause everything is a simple and transparent. And also gifts for you and important information about how to get coupons for Ads and services


No one except you knows better than your idea, service or product. Therefore, in the process of direct communication between us, the results are sometimes amazing


The quality of my job is not affected by either the price for services or the short lead time. All my web sites will have adaptive web design (PC, tablet, phone)

Without Intermediaries

Direct communication without managers and other intermediaries. There will no "Damaged phone" . At this “Manager’s time- sometimes, its absence is an advantage)

Fixed plans


The help from your “IT-buddy”)
$ 0
  • From 11 a.m to 23 p.m.
  • Any questions
  • Life Hacks
  • Motivation)
  • Help in Messengers
  • Much More

One Page WebSite

Landing Page on WordPress
$ 249
  • WebSite
  • The Hosting
  • The Domain
  • Logo
  • Ads Setting FB&INST
  • Consultations

Online Store

Online Store on Worpress
$ 449
  • WebSite
  • The Hosting
  • The Domain
  • Logo
  • Learning
  • Ads Setting FB&INST
  • Consultations

Why so Cheap?

An Idea

I met many talented and enterprising people who did not have the money to implement their ideas. I decided to create such a project. Why shouldn’t help?

The Time

I don't need helpers. In this case, I am a designer, a programmer, and a marketer. Due to this, I do it quickly and know in advance what to do and how to do in each project.

Communication and Experience

As for me, this is a great addition to my experience. I am sure that I will learn a lot from this project and get to know you)

Does it work?

The best answer to this question is that you are on my web site right now, which is made and advertised within the framework of this project.

  • The scheme works.
  • It is Proven.


Doggy Bobby

Amazing Pet Store


Brutal Service Center

Massage Enjoy

Gentle and light landing page for a masseur

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call or leave a request on the web site. By the way, for your convenience, you can just write in the messenger or tick the “messenger” box in the application and I will write to you in Whatsapp or Telegram. Next, we will discuss your project, make a decision, and after paying 50% of the advance, we will start working. That’s easy!

You can endlessly redesign your site within the framework of the landing page layout. It costs much less — 90$. So get experiment. The Only Man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything !)

It all depends on what service or product you are going to implement in the project. If you draw an analogy, then I will build a store for you in the city, put up shops and start up a stream of people. Accordingly, if there is not an interesting product on the shelves in your store, then no matter what traffic of people there is, there will be no profit, respectively. We will discuss these points in advance, look at the statistics of queries in search engines, etc.

Of course you can! I’ll show you everything in detail and tell you. If you suddenly forget something — do not forget about free consultations)

Are you ready?

Get Motivated! 🙂

If you want to be more fortunate, try harder.

You can’t wait forever for the right moment, you just need to create it.

The most unforgivable mistake is refusing to act out of fear of being wrong.

The highest pleasure is to do what others think you cannot do.

Do today what others won’t , so tomorrow you can do what others can’t .


Email: FriendlyWeb.us@gmail.com


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